Friday, April 26, 2013

Start from a beginner, become an expert !

Have you ever noticed that there are very many people today that are not so smart, not so handsome and in fact maybe they're much worse than you, but they have reached quite a lot in their lives. Have you ever asked yourself why? The main reason of that is because they believe in themselves, they are sure that they worth it! They are sure that they can be the best, they don't pay attention to their shortcomings. Instead they find and see a great potential for this or that goal and they reach it!

My mother is a magnificent piano player. As I was a kid of 10 years old I asked her to teach me playing piano. During first several days I worked hard , but each time I saw her playing, I had a great wish to immediately start playing like her... So I left my lessons and today, when so many years have passed I regret not having patience and faith in myself at that time.. )
So here is my conclusion:

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