Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear friend, find a Thing for yourself !!

Title of this post probably won't tell you what kind of advice I'm gonna give you..
I think that there are some things, habbits or even hobbies that can change people and their lives. And I'm asking you to find that THING in your life. Several years ago I was in a deep depression when I suddenly decided to attend classes of pencil drawing. Just from the very first day I noticed changes in me and of course also in my life. During the hours when I was drawing I was away from all the people , from the whole world, I was somewhere else.. in my own world and I was feeling there great! )  Later this also helped me much in my carreer and works..
I also changed much when I was attending tennis. You know, sport is such a magical thing. It will turn you into a quite another person, it will make you happy, believe me. You won't pay much attention to problems and bad things in your life, you'll start taking it all easy and I thing that it is the most wonderful thing in this life :)
Just try and see yourself!

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