Monday, November 4, 2013


You are braver than you believe!
Stronger than you seem!
Smarter than you think and
twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagined!

I say these words not just for giving you empty hopes, oh no, my dear reader!
Each day as you wake up, just look into the mirror and say these words, because they will help to find the real YOU. And as you find the real YOU, you will see how can your life change.Because being in harmony with our Ego brings harmony to our life.It even brings success, because once you understand what you're really worth, you will start managing things that you'd never even imagined to manage before..
You should neither overestimate the real YOU, nor underestimate it! Just try to evaluate yourself as you are and find the Ego that you will live most comfortable with.

With the best wishes and true love,
Ruben S.

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